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  • Cider House
  • Cider House
  • Cider House
  • Cider House

Discover one of the oldest culinary traditions of our region.

Discover San Sebastian will accompany you to a local Cider House where you will learn how to drink cider as locals. Learn with us about the origin of cider and its relevance in Basque history while we enjoy a traditional menu. The food is great and there is plenty of it! The delicious typical cider house menu consists of: txistorra (local sausage), cod omelet, fried cod with green peppers, chargrilled t-bone and for dessert cheese with quince and walnuts, and one of the best parts is the unlimited amount of cider available straight from the barrel!

Enjoy the atmosphere that is generated in cider houses, true “temples” of popular Basque cuisine.

TIME 12.30 pm or 7.30 pm
DURATION 2-3 hours
PRICE From €175 per person (min. 4 pax)
Private Transportation
The traditional menu



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